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Internet WWW Browsers

Tadhg (and others listening in around the table):

        Galmr is correct.  If your home service allows for SLIP protocol 
(I'm not the one to ask for a definition of that beast) then Mosiac and 
Netscape are open to your use.

        There seems to be some confusion on the Mosiac issue.  There are two 
versions.  One runs in a standard windows mode, and the newer one (ver 2.0 
alpha 6 I think) which can take advantage of 32 bit paths found in 
WindowsNT.  There is a patch to allow anyone with windows 3.11 to utilize 
the 32 bit stuff and that is contained in the Mosiac how-to files.

        It has been my experience that while I like the bookmarking (note on 
where in the Web you are for future use) system of the Mosiac line, the 
Netscape program 1) is faster by a long shot   2) has a niftier way of 
bringing up gif files while on-line (it allows you to scan the text and read 
the stuff while still d/l'ing the gif's. Time saver!)
        and 3)  It doesn't crash my system but 1/10 as often. Now I only go 
down while running it once every 3 weeks or so.  

        An interesting item on the Netscape program... Mosiac communications 
company changer their name to Netscape and wrote the thing.  Even they think 
it's better!!

Netscape is available through ftp site of :
                            guestname :  your e-mail address
                             password :   anonymous                          
                            initial directory:      /netscape

I recommend it!!