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Re: Internet WWW Browsers

On Mon, 27 Feb 1995, Allen Nearing wrote:

>         An interesting item on the Netscape program... Mosiac communications 
> company changer their name to Netscape and wrote the thing.  Even they think 
> it's better!!

Actually, the reason Mosaic Communications is now called Netscape 
Communications is that while the people at the company did write
the original Mosaic, they did it while working at the National
Center for Supercomputing Applications, and Mosaic is a registered
trademark of NCSA.  Mosaic Communications was founded by the people
who wrote Mosaic (they left NCSA in droves) on the basis of rewriting
it to be better and to be able to sell.  Unfotunately, they had
legal problems with the name.

> I recommend it!!
> Rhys
I'll second that.  (Disclaimer: One of my best friends, Lady Constance
of Yearsley works there, but that's not why I recommend it.)

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