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Re: Are Duck Pins Period?

His Grace Duke Gyrth proclaimed:
>    Master Andrixos brings up once again the subject of duke pens.  These duke
> pens are reprehensible instrumentalities devised by the insecure to separate
> those of us of ducal rank from our beloved subjects at gatherings of
> conviviality.  They make a duke pine for the old days when freedom and
> liberty ran riot.   Melisande, why does Strykar have poultry fastened to that
> damnable landsknecht thing?  What is this kingdom coming to?  Pass the glug,
> please.

Your Grace, please add my support to your effort to ban the
reprehensible and irresponsible use of Duke Pens.  To explain my

I've been complimented for not using much fur on my garbs, most 
of it coming from the near extinct Polyester Beast.  I think the garb
still looks reasonably period, and I do use other material derived
from dead animals.  I was quiet when I heard tell of nobles in our
fair kingdom wearing bits of fish, although I never understood why it
is a male dominated fashion -- or what made Cod particularly popular.
And I even bit my tongue when I heard of this new poultry fashion,
although somewhat pretty and certainly flamboyant, not all of the
King's subjects can afford proper facilities for the critters, and
lately many have been seen to be in a frazzled state.  It can't be
healthy for the animals...

But now to hear of Duke Pens!  I shall not stand for it.  While the
Dukes of our kingdom are often brightly colored, and often have the
most attractive coverings, we shouldn't waste this natural resource
for simple Duke Pens.  Goose pens are sufficient for normal use, and
perhaps Peacock pens for formal signing.  We should save the plummage
of our Dukes! (Certainly there are Pelicans who can be plucked first.)
I've seen several Dukes (I don't think I've made your acquaintance
however, Your Grace, so obviously this would not apply to you), and
the thought of seeing them in a denuded state, certainly puts me off
my feast... *cough* 

Hoping this missive find you in good health,
and with a wide eyed innocent smile (and laughing up my sleeve),
Your faithful servant,
              Razmus the [Innocent | Pure] of Norwode
               AKA: Rich Weissler [azrael@access.digex.com]
              "Victim of a Random Shooting on the Infobahn."
It's always a good idea to be able to laugh at yourself....other
people are probably laughing at you anyway.            -Anonymous