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Re[2]: Are Duck Pins Period?

     Andrixos points out that I mis-read Baron Achbar's original post on 
     Duck Pins:
I believe however, you misinterpreted the question.  Since Achbar was asking 
about these duke pins in reference to games, he must assuredly be refering to 
wrestling moves.
While I am not a wrestling laurel, my knowledge of the sport suggests the two 
types that people are most familiar with, Sumo and Greco-Roman, do not 
involve pinning, by great landed nobility or otherwise, but merely throwing 
the opponent to the ground or driving him from the ring, I would suggest that 
ducal pins are not period, though they probably originated before the "Atomic 
Piledriver" or  "Helicopter of Death".

     I reply:
     Although I did recently sit on Duke Gyrth in public (and then 
     apologized to his lady wife), I bow to your greater personal 
     experience on wrestling with Dukes.
     Most of my bodily striving has involved "Count Pins."  Unfortunately 
     these days, I am limited to an exceedingly short list of acceptable 
     opponents, especially for the more complex moves.  Pray tell me 
     however, what exactly is the "Atomic Piledriver" and would Count 
     Fernando enjoy it?
     -Countess Ianthe