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Re[2]: Are Duck Pins Period?

Good day --
   Master Andrixos brings up once again the subject of duke pens.  These duke
pens are reprehensible instrumentalities devised by the insecure to separate 
those of us of ducal rank from our beloved subjects at gatherings of 
conviviality.  They make a duke pine for the old days when freedom and liberty 
ran riot.   Melisande, why does Strykar have poultry fastened to that damnable 
landsknecht thing?  What is this kingdom coming to?  Pass the glug, please.
-- Duke Gyrth

     To Duke Gyrth from Countess Ianthe,
     I understand your point about Duke Pens - not unlike Countess Corrals 
     they limit freedom of movement, but I am not sure that Andrixos meant 
     the large sty-like enclosures we both detest. 
     He may have been referring to writing instruments.  Since we all know 
     that Dukes have sacrificed the greater part of their lives and 
     learning to pursuit of the sword, Andrixos may be pointing out the 
     rarity of the "Duke Pen."  After all, what need have Dukes for 
     literacy and writing instruments when they have the Lists?
     Of course, I will not mention that the Duke Pen, rare as it is, has 
     been rendered obsolete by the Duke Keyboard.
     (who hasn't run riot in a good many years)