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Re: Some Internet advice requested

Corun seez:

> The ftp site for Mosaic and (if I remember aright), the Windows *free*
> upgrade to 3.11 is as follows;
> 	ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu
I believe your comments are slightly misleading Corun.  What you are refering
is the Win32s upgrade, not the Win 3.11 update.  What Win32s does is allow 
users with Win 3.1 to run certain applications that are actually compiled 
for 32bit Windows (WinNT or Windows 95).  Mosaic for Windows is one such 
application.  So, in order to actually use Mosaic, you need to first get and
install the Win32s.  Then install Mosaic.  Is all this worth it?  Maybe.
Mosaic is one of the best Web browsers out there, and, all of this stuff is
free (as opposed to shareware).  You also get a cool game bundles with the
Win32s upgrade (FreeCell -- To "test" the 32bit code, yeah, right), it's
way better than Solitaire.

OK, the best place to get the Win32s is ftp.microsoft.com.  As Corun said,
when you log on use user name 'anonymous' and the password must be your
full email address.  Some ftp servers actually check this and punt you if
you don't get it right (they use the data as a security log, no big deal).

The file you need is on ftp.microsoft.com in /SoftLib/MSLFiles and is called
PW1118.EXE (note that some ftp servers are case sensitive, others are not)
in web speak that is:


I recommend Microsoft because the NCSA site Corun suggested, while it does
have everything you need, is slammed from about 8am 'til late into the night 
(for just that reason, it is THE site of the Mosaic for Win/Mac/X) so you
may have a real tough time getting on.

The Win 3.11 update (a totally different animal) is also availible on 
Microsoft's server.  Here is what they say about that (copied from 

>This text file summarizes the changes in Windows 3.11.
>Windows 3.11 is a file and driver refresh; it contains no new
>functionality. It includes revised drivers and changes intended
>to fix specific problems with six core files (see Updated Core
>Files, below). It also contains Novell NetWare support files.
>If you do not need the new drivers or Novell files, or if you
>are not experiencing the problems described below with the core
>files listed, you do not need this refresh.

> You'll have to poke around in the directories and use the helpful and
> very clear (NOT!) Unix commands to do so. You would simply type in;
> 	ftp ftp.ncsa.uiuc.edu

As I noted above, the site is often hard to access for people in our area
try, sunsite.unc.edu  (same drill for loging on).

I think the dir you would want is:


Hope that helps,