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Re: Some Internet advice requested

Galmr writes:

> I believe your comments are slightly misleading Corun.  What you are refering
> is the Win32s upgrade, not the Win 3.11 update.  What Win32s does is allow 
> users with Win 3.1 to run certain applications that are actually compiled 
> for 32bit Windows (WinNT or Windows 95).  Mosaic for Windows is one such 

and then:

> The Win 3.11 update (a totally different animal) is also availible on 
> Microsoft's server.  Here is what they say about that (copied from 
> ftp://ftp.microsoft.com/peropsys/windows/public/readme.txt):

and then:

> >This text file summarizes the changes in Windows 3.11.
> >
> >Windows 3.11 is a file and driver refresh; it contains no new
> >functionality. It includes revised drivers and changes intended
> >to fix specific problems with six core files (see Updated Core
> >Files, below). It also contains Novell NetWare support files.
> >
> >If you do not need the new drivers or Novell files, or if you
> >are not experiencing the problems described below with the core
> >files listed, you do not need this refresh.

THanks for keeping me straight on this. Of course you're right. It was so
long ago that I got these files, and got them all at the same time, that
I forgot the 3.11 and Win32 stuff were separate.

In service,

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