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Re: Video recording events - New Thread

Unto Lord Tirloch and all fair patrons of the Merry Rose at Cheapside does
Lord Leifr Johansson send greetings.

A few notes before Lord Tirloch's thread gets rolling.
> At the Atlantian 12th Night and at another recent event a few days ago, a 
> SCAdian was videotaping the proceedings. 

We speak of m'lord Cris Hare, a man-at-arms of Master Malcolm mac Malcolm 
and a citizen of the Barony of Ponte Alto.  He is also, mundanely, Chris 
Harrop and not surprisingly, my brother.  So I am sure we will be able to 
speak with great courtesy about this individual and his actions.
> The intent is to produce quality videos that can be rebroadcast on public
> television.

Actually, this is for Channel 10, Cable Access.  I believe his current intent
is to produce one 90 minutes video, produced by Scadians for the 
advantage of Scadians (unlike certain professional, mainstream productions).
However, plans may be changed.
> Some of the populace thought this was a cool thing. Others did not.
> I am soliciting a new thread to see how the Rialto feels about video recording
> SCA events.

And I'll be happy to print out comments from the Merry Rose and give them to
Cris, for his enlightenment and education.

In Service
Leifr Johansson
mka Lance Harrop