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Re: Video recording events - New Thread

[Tom Bilodeau <bilodto@moose.gdss.grumman.com>] Writes:
> Greetings from Tirloch!
> At the Atlantian 12th Night and at another recent event a few days ago, a 
> SCAdian was videotaping the proceedings. 
> The intent is to produce quality videos that can be rebroadcast on public
> television.
> Some of the populace thought this was a cool thing. Others did not.
> I am soliciting a new thread to see how the Rialto feels about video recording
> SCA events.
> In Service,
> Tirloch of Tallaght

I think that this is a very cool thing but it needs to be done with care.
The impression presented by the videos will drasticly greatly affect the 
types of people that will that will be atrracted by the the videos. 
If all that is shown is fighting we will atrrct fighters
If all that is hown is danci9ng we will attract dancers

we need to be VERY carefull to make sure these videos are very broad based.
also I would like very much to get a copy of one of these videos so we can put 
some samples of fighting, dancing, bowing etc online in the SCA virtual library.

in service

Eric Jon Campbell 
(alias) Xavier De Lion Campbell  
SCA Starting point  
Virtual SCA Library