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Re[2]: Are Duck Pins Period?

     Razmus the Innocent laments the sorry state of care in Atlantia for our 
     friends of the lower phyla.  Ianthe provides running commentary:
Your Grace, please add my support to your effort to ban the 
reprehensible and irresponsible use of Duke Pens....
...I was quiet when I heard tell of nobles in our fair kingdom wearing 
bits of fish, although I never understood why it is a male dominated 
fashion -- or what made Cod particularly popular...
     I reply:
     I believe that the initial male piscatorial fashion statement was 
     the crayfish.  Crayfish proved both too small for modesty; and 
     possessed of pincers, benefitting performance of La Volta, but not 
     much else.  (Some of the Ancient Ones assembled here may remember 
     Raymond Cruxhumor, the lobster pictured on his shield, and the 
     peculiar leaping style he affected in the lists.)
     When the Cod came into consideration most of the male population 
     lauded its larger size, sleek silvery skin, and general lack of 
     offensive weaponry.
...But now to hear of Duke Pens!  I shall not stand for it.  While the 
Dukes of our kingdom are often brightly colored, and often have the 
most attractive coverings, we shouldn't waste this natural resource 
for simple Duke Pens.  Goose pens are sufficient for normal use, and 
perhaps Peacock pens for formal signing.  We should save the plummage 
of our Dukes! (Certainly there are Pelicans who can be plucked first.) 
     Pelicans should certainly be plucked first.  Since no one sober 
     would undertake what they do, Pelicans MUST be stewed.  
     Preferably seasonsed with Laurel's leaves.  
     Dukes on the other hand are usually steamed.  Often for cause.
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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