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Re: A Question of Honor

Greetings from Tibor.

I've been reading the thread on honor for a while, and it has raised an
interesting thought in my head.

Most of the respondents have described what they thought the various parties
should do, but little time was spent on describing why.

What is an honorable person?  An honorable person is as good as their word,
does not participate in actions or situations which besmirch them, and
remains true to themselves.  At least, this is my opinion.

What is the honorable thing to do here?  One must go to the individuals, and
ask them what commitments they feel they made, and ask them to honor them.
It matters not at all whether a note was borrowed, sold, lent or whatever.

Some of the analysis of the situation get overconcerned with the notes, or
the promises.  Others seem concerned with appearances.  These are not
matters for honor.  An honorable man or woman could (easily) find themselves
following a path which is contrary to accounting, or popularity.  I've done
so myself, at times.

Perhaps, someone who has a better grasp than I of the medieval aesthetic,
could tell us what constituted a sense of honor and chivalry then.  I fear
that my opinion is contaminated by Victoriana.

Also, given the level of interest generated by a 10 dollar situation, I'm
voting for "Cheapside".  (:-)