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RE: A Question of Honor

     I have always thought that when one is dealing with questions of honor 
     one must sometimes disregard the right or wrong of the situation.  If 
     you want to behave with the most honor you take care of things by 
     giving the most latitude to the person you are dealing with. (Always 
     within reason, law and your moral code.)
     In this case my impression is that while Tom has not necessarily 
     dishonored himself, the most honor would be gained by not arguing with 
     Sarah.  If he simply paid her back and went to Jon for his money there 
     would be no question of his honor.  He gets somewhat more work or 
     problem (depending on Jon's willingnes to pay) but if his concern is 
     that he be thought of as honorable this is the way to go.
     This is (obviously) just my personal opinion, but I have often found 
     need to apply it to my personal life.  Ask what the goal is, then your 
     path is easier to see.  If you are interested in honor it is one 
     thing, if you are interested in right and wrong it may be another.