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Re: Re[2]: Fireside song

 Shinawassee remarks: 
>This gives all vikings a bad name,
>get the order right.
>rape, plunder and then burn.

Actually, according to a new technique, devised by the famed Nordic Thinker
(and burner of Villiages), Erik of the Grey Matter, the order actually does
go "rape, burn, and plunder."
This is his logic:
Of course you rape first, for the women and sheep are squeemish and are
liable to run away at the sight of a horned helmed, fur wearing, flea
infested Norseman weilding an axe or hammer or some other instument of
destruction.  Then you burn all of the buildings down.  This makes it a lot
easier to plunder, for all you have to do is kick through the ashes and pick
up the shiney bits!
Just thought I'd enlighten you.