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Re: Good site

Antoinette De La Russe wrote:
<Yes!! This is indeed a gorgeous site!   I was there for Boar Hunt 
<this fall, and had an absolute ball.  Part was due to the site itself, 
<but much had to do with the Hospitality.  (I think it was Windmaster's 
<Hill, but i'm not sure.  It was Baron Bran's group). 

It was Sacred Stone, and thank you very much!

<Black Diamond 
<arrived en masse (all of 20 of us).

And thank you for coming--  we enjoyed your visit emmensly.

<Much fun was had by all!  Temperate weather, if a little 
<muddy.  However, it was a bit of a surprise to go out on the list fields 
<and find, what I to this day believe were horse patties :).  Watch where 
<you step!  

They were (YECHH!!!).  However, they were thankfully absent from the high
traffic areas.

Just my pence (I can't afford to spare tupence!)