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Re: Good site

On Mon, 13 Feb 1995 EoganmacL@aol.com wrote:

> Greetings unto all assembled!
> I have never autocratted an event, and so far, have no immediate plans to.
>  But I _have_ had fun at many events!  And I think that makes me qualified to
> give my opinion on a good site.
> The site that I have liked the most, that I have been to recently, has been
> the King's Mountain State Park site.  (I think it's actually Camp Cherokee,
> or something, but it's part of or near the State Park).  

	{Beautiful Description edited out for length}

	Yes!! This is indeed a gorgeous site!   I was there for Boar Hunt 
this fall, and had an absolute ball.  Part was due to the site itself, 
but much had to do with the Hospitality.  (I think it was Windmaster's 
Hill, but i'm not sure.  It was Baron Bran's group).   Black Diamond 
arrived en masse (all of 20 of us).  When we arrived Friday night, there 
was a BD banner hanging outside of our cabin, and one inside over the 
fireplace.  There were pre-made logs to be burnt in the fireplace, and 
there was even some herbal-type potpourri, that smelled wonderful. In the 
feast hall was *another* BD banner, all three of which were gifts to the 
Barony!!!!  Much fun was had by all!  Temperate weather, if a little 
muddy.  However, it was a bit of a surprise to go out on the list fields 
and find, what I to this day believe were horse patties :).  Watch where 
you step!  
	Sorry to gush, but I loved it, and I wanted the hosts, sorry I 
forget quite who they were, to get recognition in a public forum.

	Again, whoever you were, thanks for a wonderful event!

	Antoinette De La Russe
	Embryonic College of Marshalls Keep
	Black Diamond

> Aye,
> Eogan

Rachel Wright
Washington and Lee University