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Re[2]: A question on honor

          Unfortunately, I know that none of you want to believe that
          Tom owes anyone money, however, if he borrowed money from
          Sara -- he owes her repayment.  He tried to assign a debt
          owed to him by Jon to cover his debt to Sara.  She accepted
          that assignment, as a method of repayment, however,  Tom
          still owes her the money.  Her polite absolution of Tom does
          not destroy the equities involved.  Jon owes Tom money which
          Tom needs to tell Jon to repay to Sarah based on his
          agreement with Sara (did he do that, if not the assignment
          is incomplete).  Nevertheless, Sara has recourse to Tom to
          pay the debt, because he is the one who has the legal and
          moral obligation to pay -- all he has done is assign Jon's
          debt to Sara as a method of repayment -- he has not gotten
          rid of his debt.