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Re[2]: A question on honor

Greetings All,

     1) If it is within my power I would pay Sarah, graciously. She has not 
mentioned it Jon. She is obviously afraid to for some reason. Reasons for fear 
can be subtle. This also says she felt comfortable enough to ask you.

     2) Speak with Jon yourself. Tell him you have once again acquired his debt 
from Sarah. Ask, only once, politely, for him to pay at his earliest 

     3) Above all, quietly, remember how all parties have acted.  

     Honor, not the law (which often slaps Honor in the face), demands that I 
act honorably even in the face of dishonor. 

     4) When ever you loan money:

          NEVER expect to get it back.
          NEVER loan what you cannot afford.


Luther                        luther@infodata.com
                  "Lead, follow or get the hell out of the way."