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Re: A question on honor

>Jon borrows money from Tom to pay for an item.
>Tom finds that he needs the money and Sarah offers to take on Jon's debt to
>Tom so that Tom can get the money he needs.

By this you are saying that she has assumed the IOU from tom and Tom is
completely paid off

>Tom is unsure about the arrangemant and offers to pay off Jon's debt if Jon
>proves unable or unwilling to pay back the debt.

Tom has offered the opportunity to Sarah that if need be he will at any
time buy back the IOU from her so that she gets her money

>Sarah states that since she knows Jon far better than Tom does, and that will
>not be necissary. Sarah also states that that Tom should not worry about it
>and that such a promise will not be necessary.

Sarah has released Tom from any and all obligations.
>Two weeks later Sarah approaches Tom and asks for her money back since Jon has
>not payed her(and she has not asked Jon for the money).

She did not make an effort nor was it set in the begn the debt would
originally be repaid.

>Tom protests that that was not the arrangemant and that she had unconitionally
>assumed the debt.

It was in the arrangement that he offered her but she declined so now it is
not part of the agreement... An agreement is an arrangement that is shared
by both parties...she did not agree so it is not an agreement.

>Sarah states that Tom had essentialy borrowed money from her and now is bound
>to pay her back.

Uh no...she is wrong...

>When Tom states that that wasn't the agreement.  Regardless he will be
>unable to pay her back for at least two weeks, Sarah says that Tom has proven
>that he has no honor.
>The question is:
>Has Tom acted dishonorably?

No he did not

>Why or why not?

Simple Tom has tried to keep his side of the agreement.  He did attempt to
cosign but he was refused. Now I am afraid that she is stuck with the note
and should have to deal with the Jon herself...It was a bad agreement from
the beginning when Tom failed to set a deadline for when the debt was to be

>I was unable to answer this question but I tend to think that Tom was within
>his rights.
>This will go to answer some other questions I have about honor in the context
>of contracts and agreemants?
>in gratitude

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