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Event idea (very preliminary) --comments sought

The easiest way to do this is to post a sample event flyer and
get a reaction from the crowd.  I have had both positive and
negative feedback on the idea already, but crave vast amounts
more of both.  The sample flyer is so ungodly premature that I
shudder to think about it, but will provide a jumping off point
for further consideration.  I have included a few questions after
the flyer that will help me gage the reaction, please answer them
along with any other comment and advice you care to give.  I will
be quite happy with private replies and will post a summary of
the responses if warrented.  Ofcourse you may do a group reply if
you want.

        Lover's and Fighter's Melees and More

Are you a Lover or a Fighter?  We split the populous into those
who "fight for love" and thos who "love to fight".  There will be
both armored and rapier melees, as well as contests for
noncombatants.  These will include A&S and Bardic competions on
the themes of Love and War.  Points may also be scored in horse
races and at the gambling tables.  Target archery if the site and
schedule premits.
        The prepared feast will be served by representatives of
the losing side.  After dinner the sides are reunited in dancing
and other entertainments.

1) Is this an event you would want to attend?

2) Is there too much going on?

3) The theme was chosen as a way to split into sides without
dividing along regional lines or limiting the period or
geographic areas of the side.  That is, Lovers and Fighters
existed everywhere, while the Normans vs the Saxons leaves the
Japanese and Arabs out in the cold.  Is the theme to silly?  I

4) I can imagine that type of division striking the fancy of the
ladies in court.  Is the any historical reference point that even
comes closes to resembling at least the combat portion?

Thanks for your responses,