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RE: Re[3]: Are Duck Pins Period?

Greetings from Ellwood!

Scripsit Miriam:
%I believe many of you are not understanding this topic, although Gyrth
%seems to be close. I interpret the discussion as one on Duke Puns! What say 

%your Graces? Gyrth? Dyffd? Anyone else? Are Duke Puns period? I have come
%across many at events.
%                    Miriam

Well, let's see.  Puns are period--unless you are a herald in which case you 
Dukes are certainly period.  Therefore it should logically follow that Duke 
Puns are
period as well.

And then,
%     To Miriam from Ianthe,

[Swan pins deleted...]

%     As for Duke Puns, I think they are occasionally reprehensible, all too 

%     ubiquitous, and entirely unavoidable.  Much like Dukes, themselves.

I always thought we were supposed to duck puns.  If it floats it is a pun, 
if it sinks,
it was apparently not a pun--or least not a very good pun.  Or is that duck 
puns as
in to dodge them?  I cant remember.....

     --who finally couldn't resist