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Re: Event idea (very preliminary) --comments sought

On Feb 22, 11:43pm, Karl William Kieninger wrote:
> Subject: Event idea (very preliminary) --comments sought
> The easiest way to do this is to post a sample event flyer and
> get a reaction from the crowd.  I have had both positive and
> negative feedback on the idea already, but crave vast amounts
> more of both.  The sample flyer is so ungodly premature that I
> shudder to think about it, but will provide a jumping off point
> for further consideration.  I have included a few questions after
> the flyer that will help me gage the reaction, please answer them
> along with any other comment and advice you care to give.  I will
> be quite happy with private replies and will post a summary of
> the responses if warrented.  Ofcourse you may do a group reply if
> you want.
>         Lover's and Fighter's Melees and More
> Are you a Lover or a Fighter?  We split the populous into those
> who "fight for love" and thos who "love to fight".  There will be
> both armored and rapier melees, as well as contests for
> noncombatants.  These will include A&S and Bardic competions on
> the themes of Love and War.  Points may also be scored in horse
> races and at the gambling tables.  Target archery if the site and
> schedule premits.
>         The prepared feast will be served by representatives of
> the losing side.  After dinner the sides are reunited in dancing
> and other entertainments.
> Questions:
> 1) Is this an event you would want to attend?
Yes It sounds like a fun deviation from the norm.  Witha little acting talent
this could be a blast

> 2) Is there too much going on?
IMHO there usually isn't enough going on at an event.
Especially fro non fighters.

> 3) The theme was chosen as a way to split into sides without
> dividing along regional lines or limiting the period or
> geographic areas of the side.  That is, Lovers and Fighters
> existed everywhere, while the Normans vs the Saxons leaves the
> Japanese and Arabs out in the cold.  Is the theme to silly?  I
i think if you can get the people into the spirit of things this could be a
blast.  However it would require some extemes in terms of makeshift personas.

> 4) I can imagine that type of division striking the fancy of the
> ladies in court.  Is the any historical reference point that even
> comes closes to resembling at least the combat portion?
Well I don't know about this particular division but I don't think fighting for
love is out of period, but fighting for the conceptof love is a different story

In surf-ice

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(alias) Xavier De Lion Campbell  
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