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Discussion group

Hi.  I have come up with an idea and would like some non combustible input.

Here goes.  Of all the people who were involved in the P-word and 
Atlantian Problems threads, how many would be interested in a meeting at 
a event to discuss ideas, concerns, problems, etc?

I was thinking that maybe Coronation would be as good as place as any. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is not to be an attack on any household, monarch, or 
other tin hat.  It is solely to discuss the problems the populace sees 
with the kingdom as a whole, as it it is currently and to propose 
solutions or methods of getting things changed.  I invite all to attend 
from all viewpoints.  I know there is a feeling that not enough awards 
are given.  How about compiling a list amongst all in attendance of 
worthy gentles?

This is just an idea at this point.  If you think this is good OR bad 
idea tell me.  If you are willing to meet, let me know also.

PLEASE: Private e-mail only on this topic.  No public posts!  We do not 
need another thread started to clutter anyone elses mailbox.  Just 
clutter mine.  Thank you.

PS  This is not a flame to anyone or any group.  Only a logical means of 
evaluating the opinion of the populace as a whole.