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Matter of Honor (con't)

Finally, I would argue that Sara must give Tom a reasonable time to pay the
loan.  Tom stated that he did not understand that he would pay, that Sara had
made it quite clear she would get the money from John.  Leaving aside the
law, the equities of the situation seem to call for, at the very least,
allowing Tom time to marshall his assets.

My colleague seems, in this instance, to have confused law and equity.

3) My own legal analysis, given the absence of any paper, is that two
independent loans took place.  One from Tom to John, a second from Sara to
Tom.  Again, I do not think that the ultimate legal interpretation should
answer the question of honor.  A gentle's willingness to do that which is
right is independent of his understanding of what is right.

In Service,
Mar Yaakov HaMizrachi, mundanely a member of the bar of the District of