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Re: Are Duck Pins Period?

Ianthe writes:
 >Baron Achbar has asked if Duck Pins are period.  I answer -
>     Please excuse me for replying.  I am not a Laurel in garb, so I'm 
>     treading on shaky ground here.  I have seen some of the better dressed 
>     fowl recently using points instead of pins to make their fastenings, 
>     but I am unaware of research that conclusively indicates that pins are 
>     to be avoided.  

and so forth.

I believe however, you misinterpreted the question.  Since Achbar was asking
about these duke pins in reference to games, he must assuredly be refering to
wrestling moves.  

While I am not a wrestling laurel, my knowledge of the sport suggests the two
types that people are most familiar with, Sumo and Greco-Roman, do not
involve pinning, by great landed nobility or otherwise, but merely throwing
the opponent to the ground or driving him from the ring, I would suggest that
ducal pins are not period, though they probably originated before the "Atomic
Piledriver" or  "Helicopter of Death".