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Re: Are Duck Pins Period?

     Baron Achbar has asked if Duck Pins are period.  I answer -
     Please excuse me for replying.  I am not a Laurel in garb, so I'm 
     treading on shaky ground here.  I have seen some of the better dressed 
     fowl recently using points instead of pins to make their fastenings, 
     but I am unaware of research that conclusively indicates that pins are 
     to be avoided.  
     Of course, if you are referring to the manner in which ducks are 
     attached to people's clothing, instead of how the ducks hold on their 
     own hosen, we are broaching an entirely different matter.  I myself 
     prefer to fasten on my ducks with points and lacets.  I find that 
     acutally piercing the birds leads to unseemly quacking on their part.  
     Lacing them on gently but firmly, agrees with the ducks far better and 
     produces a longer lived "flutter effect" as they wave their pinioned 
     wings in greeting at passers-by.
     -Ianthe d'Averoigne                        kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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