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Re: A Blackbird's Lament

     Eogan has shared with us a lament of love.  Meli offers him ale, and 
     joins Deirdre, Ianthe and the assembled company by the fire:
[Eogan stands up from his seat, and walks up to the fire.  He warms himself 
and then turns to face those seated.]
     <disarming preamble and wonderful song of the blackbird snipped to 
     save space>
[His story now over, his song now sung, Eogan returns to his seat, and nurses 
his mug]
  M:  [Meli asks the potboy for the pitcher, and offers Eogan a 
  M:  topping-off, then puts the pitcher back and pulls out her 
  M:  embroidery.]
  M:  Mind if I join you all?  There's just enough light to see by .... :-)
     Ianthe replies:
     You may be able to sew, but I'm a sucker for a sad song, and I'm blinking 
     the tears back lest they fall on my silk work.  
     Well done, Eogan.  This song may be old to Meli, but it's new to me.
     -Ianthe                                   kim.salazar@em.doe.gov