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Re: A Blackbird's Lament

Gentle Ianthe,

	<Meli rummages for a clean linen clout, nicely embroidered about the 
edges, and hands it across so milady can dab her eyes>

	Let me reassure you, it is only an acquaintance with this poignant tune 
in one version that I could sit there, eyes closed in pleasure, and listen 
while Eogan did favor us with this beautiful song.  The very first time I 
heard the piece, however, I was hard-pressed to see straight myself--and I was 
driving eight horses down a particularly crowded portion of His Majesty's 
Highway at the time .... :-0  It took a long while to get over it, and 
depending on my mood, Meli can be reduced to drizzle in an eye's twinkle! <g>

>      You may be able to sew, but I'm a sucker for a sad song, and 
>      I'm blinking the tears back lest they fall on my silk work.  
>      Well done, Eogan.  This song may be old to Meli, but it's new to 
>      me. 

Oh, it is a lovely song, is it not?  Maybe at the next event where we all find 
ourselves together, we might prevail upon Eogan to sing once more?