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This marvelous armour

>     Michael Limner enlivens the group by the fire with a tale of a Great
>     Flamingo Hunt -
>Oh yes, it so happened one afternoon that a most horrid sight was commented
>A suit of armor had been placed on display in a camp across the road.  A suit
>that was most painfull to look at.  It wasn't the fact the armor was formed
>of plastic, you see.  It was the colors: day glo yellow, international
>orange, lurid green ... purple, it was enough to make a man swear off drink.
>Worse yet, was the fact that the armor was of the style common to the late
>15th century and each individual *plate* was a different color.  Each
>segement of a pauldron, or elbow, or polyen was a differnt shade of
>flourescent plastic.  To make matters worse, this... *thing* was flanked by
>two plastic lawn flamingos.
>     <Rest of story clipped to save space>

I was reading this when I got the picture of that wonderful armour seen at,
I believe it was Pennsic 2 years ago.  Could someone please pass the whole
story on to me...and refresh me as to who made that armour and who wore it
because they had lost a bet?

I simply remember looking at the picture and thinking that the colours made
me want to laugh merciously and yet I had a strange draw to want to wear it
into battle at least once in my life.

-Connor Levingstoune of Black <>-

 So it was written on this day or night as the case may be.
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up and down and run around yelling and screaming...They don't know I'm only
using blanks. -- Emo Phillips
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