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Roxbury Thursday Practice (March 9)

Greetings to Cheapside!

Because of circumstances beyond our control (i.e., a PTA meeting),
the regular Rochesburie fighting practice will not be at Bel Pre
Elementary School this Thursday March 9, as usual.  Instead, it
will be at Argyle Middle School, in the Gymnasium.

Argyle Middle School is on Bel Pre Road, opposite Plaza Del Mercado,
just about a block west of the intersection with Layhill Road.  This
is only about eight or ten blocks from our regular site at Bel Pre

To get to the Gym go to the side parking lot (it'll be obvious what
this means).  The side entrance is a courtyard, sort-of, and the
door in the far right corner (as you go in) goes up a flight of stairs
and to the Gym.

Because this is a gymnasium floor, nobody will be allowed to fight
unless they are wearing athletic shoes of some description.  No boots.
Also, no going down on your knees if you are hit in the leg.  Just
wince, acknowledge the failure of your defence, and continue :^)
Exception will be granted for those without metal leg armour.  We
aren't allowed to leave huge divots in their fine new wood floor.

This week is the only day for the change of site.  Next week will be
at Bel Pre Elementary as usual.

Sir Dafydd ap Gwystl

If anyone has questions, call me at 598-7424 or email me at this address.
Please do NOT use a reply function that propogates to the net--I'm sure
that the subject isn't engrossing to those of us that aren't regular
attendees at this particular fighting practice.