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Jongleurie Info

Dear everyone.
I am reprinting the Jonleurie info from the Acorn here.  I apologize for
those of you who already have this information.  A lady heard mention of it
on this forum and did not know what or when it was, and she asked me to post
it on the list for everyone.  As she said "pretty please," I could not find
it in my heart to refuse.

Jongleurie (and Bardic Collegium)
10-12 March 95

The Canton of Elvegast and the Militant Society of Bards invite you to a
weekend of marvelous mirth, melodious music, mind-boggling merriment, and
many other fine entertainments March 10-12.  The Bardic Bonanza, the Poet's
Paradise, the Troubadour's Treat, a Jongleur's Jubilee!  First on the list of
activities is the Bardic Collegium, numerous classes [last I heard, 18!- Eo],
workshops, demonstrations, and discussion groups for musicians, storytellers,
singers, and other performers.  We'll even have a few special workshops for
beginning bards and ongoing bardic circles for those who just want to listen.
     For gentles interested in rapier combat we will have a special
marketplace duel complete with all sorts of fun props and obstacles.
 Combattants are expected to match their wits as well as their blades in this
Cyrano de Bergerac style setting.  For archers we will host a few novelty
shoots for both combat and target archery.
     Bring your foam and duct tape to our bar-room boffer brawl.  There will
be a contest for best tavern boffer weapon.  The weapon theme is everyday
objects like tankards, inkle looms, kegs, stools, and musical instruments,
not boring, everyday weapons like swords or Bohemian ear spoons.
     In the evening, Elvegast will open the doors of the Wicked Wolf Tavern.
 Simple fare will be served from 4:30 until 8:30, tavern style.  The site is
discreetly wet, so please check your coolers (and pointy hats) at the door.
 OUr wenches will keep your mug filled with whatever spirits you may bring
(BYOB).  Come and try  your luck at Rabah's gambling tables.  Coins of the
realm will be available, but bring your own if you have them.  ALso, do be
careful, knife fighting has been known to break out (boffer that is.)
     The site is Camp Kanata in Wake Forest, NC (just north of Raleigh, same
site as fall Crown and Tourney of Ymir.)  Cabin space and tenting are both
available.  Site opens Friday, March 10, at 7pm.  Site fee is $5, dinner at
the tavern $5, cabin space $1.  Children under 6 are free, 6-12 are half
price, non-members add $3 to the total.  Make checks payable to the Canton of
Elvegast, SCA Inc.  The autocrat is Lord Efenwealt Wystle (919)859-4162.
 Send reservations to him at:  Scott Vaughan, 145 J Hunt Club Lane, Raleigh,
NC 27606.
     No phone reservations.  Questions about the tavern should be dirrected
to Lord Rohan Wulf McLachlan mka Kay Lyerly at (919)782-8452.

DIRECTIONS:  from I-85 take exit 218 and go south on US 1 towards Raleigh.
 Take the Hwy. 98 exit and turn right.  Go 2.3 miles and turn right on Camp
Kanata Road.  Follow to site.  From Raleigh and points south, take US 1 north
out of Raleigh and turn left.  Go 2.3 miles and turn right on Camp Kanata
Road.  Follow to site.