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Re: Linguistics

Corun Writes:

>Miriam writes:

>> Klaus writes:
>>>Ah, but the answer is simple! Henry doesn't fizz when you pry his 
>>>hat off and then try to stuff limes down his throat! The noises he 
>> I as: How do you know. Have you ever tried prying his hat off and 
>> stuffing limes down his throat? Should we?
>> 			Miriam
>Could this sport replace Cambok?

Gott in Himmel! NO! NOTHING CAN REPLACE CAMBOK! (Well, maybe Mud 
Hockey...) On the other hand, this does sound like the start of a 
series of Cambok Bowl Commercials!

By the way, I've never actually tried prying Henry's hat off and 
stuffing limes down his throat. Two reasons: First, I'm too much of a 
nice guy. Second, I drink Guiness.