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Re: A Story

The fair and gentle Lady Miriam writes:

> Good Gentles,
> 	I beg a few moments of your time. Having just returned from a 
> Mundane business trip to San Antonio, I was reminded of a story. And so  I 
> would like to share with you one of my favorite tales. As my memory is not 
> perfect, and my copies of the original book keep failing to find their way 
> home, any mistakes in the telling are mine, and not the authors. And so I 
> would like to give you, as far as my memory allows, a heroic tale of heros 
> and battles as told in the book SILVERLOCK by John Myers Myers,
> 	I give you
> 		The Ballad of Bowie, Gizzards Bane
<Huge Snip> 
> 			Yours,
> 				Miriam, who needs a drink after all of 
> that, or atleast a backrub.
And well deserved both would be, and were I not a lady-killer with a 
grip-of-death I would certainly volunteer the second.  This was truely a 
wonderful story and I thank you for telling it here.

In service
Leifr Johansson