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Portraits at Pennsic

Greetings to all at the Merry Rose:

As I mentioned previously, I am new to this game, and I like to draw
portraits. I am told I am quite good. *blush*

I would like to attend Pennsic this year, but to offset the cost I have
thought about possibly working as a merchant, offering to sketch good
gentles who would pay, say $10 for a completed drawing. (Maybe $15 for a
framed one.) I usually use charcoal, but I am also adept with pastel.

Since I have never been to Pennsic, I have no idea if this service is a
common one. I would appreciate the input of others:

1)Have their been other sketch artists at Pennsic? Are they successful?

2)Would you pay $10 for a drawing (not a charicature--a realistic portrait
drawing, frameable and quite lovely *wink* *wink*) of yourself in garb?

3)Would you sit still for 15 minutes while I draw it?

Also any advice on being a merchant at Pennsic would be helpful.

A newcomer,

Elayne FitzJames  <---SCA name in development
Not an businesswoman but a believer in market research