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Re: Portraits at Pennsic

Greetings Elayne,

There are often portrait painters at Pennsic, and they work in a variety
of mediums. Your talents would be welcomed. Also, it is not unusual, in
fact just the opposite, for someone to work their way through Pennsic
on the merits of their talents.

I have often thought of having my portrait done at Pennsic, but I'm
usually pretty scruffy at Pennsic. I admire the folks who can put on 
a ton and a half of Elizabethan clothing, walk a half mile or more to 
the bazaar, sit in the heat for long enough to have a portrait done...
with a minimum of movement mind you, and then walk the half mile or more 
back to their camp and try to get out of the Elizabethan before they drop
from heat prostration. Not something I'd look forward to, but that's
just me. ;-)

In service,

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