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Re: Tir-y-Don

Greetings unto Evan and Merry Rose!

I was at Tir-y-Don's Baronial Investiture on Saturday and figured I
would catch you (and anyone else who wants to know) up on what went
on. Lord Otto Boettcher von Spreebruke and Lady Sara Lynette of
Carlisle are the new Baron and Baroness of Tir-y-Don. The weather was
wonderful (unusual down here in the City of Rain-- keep your fingers
crossed for more sunshine on April 8) and all in all the day was
very successful. Sir Tnek the Ainissestor won the Baroness's Champion
competition in archery, and Earl Sir Quentin ap Rhys won the Baron's
Champion Tourney. (Sir Q, for those of you who don't know, was the
previous Baron.) The day was great for me personally as I received
the Swan and Cygnet (a baronial award for service) and an AoA!
*blush* :)

Hope I didn't leave out anything important...