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Re[2]: Forms of address

     Corun and Aelfgar continue to tease me about the proper form of 
     I hinted that one that involves an embrace should also take into 
     armed bystanders with personal interest in the greeted party.  Aelfgar 
     borrows Corun's account and responds:
Two options here -
 1. Keep an eye on all possible exits at all times
 2. Cultivate a certain boyish charm, such that all and sundry accept you as
    "strange, but harmless..."
(Thanks, Corun!)
(and a <wink> back at you, Ianthe!)
Aelfgar Greyseas
In service,
Corun (who is wondering who this Sundry is that Aelfgar speaks about)

     To the noble Corun MacAnndra and Aelfgar Greyseas, from Ianthe, fair 
     Say it isn't so!  I've heard many things about the lords of Storvik 
     and Atlantia, but "harmless" isn't a term that was bandied about.  I 
     shall have to broaden my scientific investigations, and test those I 
     come in contact with to see if this is true. 
     Master Sundry was an early East Kingdom Master at Arms.  He was famous 
     for the massive collection of gear and paraphanalia he always took to 
     events, and for his prodigious memory.  His gentle wife, Baroness 
     Alle, was a delightful and accomplished lady.  Both of them travelled 
     a great deal, were familiar with most of the folk of the Kingdom and 
     valued uniqueness among the people.  Therefore, to be known to Alle 
     and Sundry as "strange" was a valued honor.  It's nice to know they 
     thought so highly of Aelfgar.
     Ianthe                                     kim.salazar@em.doe.gov