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Re: Authorization Cards

Lord Tibor, greetings
> Caitlyn wrote:
>   I shouldn't have said it was Kingdom _law_, but Kingdom _policy_ that
>   fighters must be members.  To the best of my knowledge, no change has been
>   made to the laws of Atlantia.

And you asked:
> Forgive me, but what, exactly, is the significance of a Kingdom Policy?
Kingdom policies outline decisions made by Kingdom Great Officers within 
the scope of their authority.  Princess Seonid (sp) made the decision to 
keep pay-to-fight as a Kingdom Policy while she was Kingdom Minister of 
the Lists.  As this policy has never been questioned by the Crown or by 
Curia, it has maintained its authority.  Nor is the next Crown of 
Atlantia likely to reverse it.

Basically, Atlantia gives GOOfS (Great Officers Of State) some latitude 
on making rules in their office.  They are also able to choose to make, 
keep, delegate to, and remove deputies as they wish.

In Service (and just happening to be in the commons at this moment ;-) )
Leifr Johansson