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Re: Authorization Cards

Greetings from Tibor.

It seems that, as in the East, Kingdom Policy in Atlantia has the force of
law, just doesn't go through the process of law confirmation.

I, personally, find it rather disturbing that one person in Atlantia has
imposed pay-to-fight without evening discussing it in the Kingdom.  I wonder
if you folks think that is appropriate?

Just FYI, here is the portion of East Kingdom law that would make the same
thing possible here:
  V.B.1.f. Officers of State have the authority to make policy for the
  discharge of their offices and their subordinates' duties, within the
  limits of their offices. All such rules and regulations shall be printed
  in Pikestaff at least once per year.

Round these parts, any MOL who tried such a unilateral move would be getting
an earful from some very upset people.