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Re[6]: Ianthe and Linguistics

     Deirdre and I speculate on the Age of Henry:
>     His step was quite sprightly, his ankles trim, and his voice rang out 
>     well in assembly.  Appearances can be deceiving, though.  Does his
>     vigorous demeanor truly mask a vast and unimaginable age? 
>     -Ianthe 
If truth be told, I know not of what age Lord Henry Best is from. Being from 
the early 1500's myself, he could very well be younger than I. But then, if 
he is from the Crusades, he would qualify as an "heirloom" at least. Did you 
notice any twitches when the word artifact was used? I'm sorry...I wasn't 
being observant, myself.
     Nay.  He twitched not.  But then again, I was looking at his ankles.  
     (I may no longer be Wayward, but I can still look.)
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov