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Re: Forms of address

     The most excellent Corun MacAnndra proposes alternate modes of 

There has been much talk of late, regarding how one addresses COuntesses 
and the like. I am reminded by my friend, Aelfgar Greyseas of the Low 
Profile (Ha!), that greeting such Ladies with "Hiya, Gorgeous" usually 
suffices. He adds one caveat though. This is best used with Ladies with 
whom you are already familiar, and who also like you.
   Checking to see if the associated Count or lord is nearby is always a 
   good thing to remember when this mode is used.  If he is nearby, look 
   to see how heavily he is armed.  Especially if you wish to accompany 
   "Hiya..." with the traditional embrace.
   -Ianthe                                      kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
   [Hiya, Aelfgar! <wink>]