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RE: Vikings in Cyberspace

I was up on this recently and it's definately worth a visit.  It's 
already a good
page, destined for greatness.

Gawain Kilgore
From: John Francis] Stracke  <francis@insoft2.insoft.com>
To:  <atlantia-l@netcom.com>;  <sca-east@world.std.com>
Subject: Vikings in Cyberspace
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 1995 3:35PM

Thought some people might be interested in this (though it may be old
news; it appears to have propagated through 3 or 4 lists already [I
see infed-l@ccvax.unicamp.br, net-happenings@dstest.internic.net, and
ANSAX-L@WVNVM.WVNET.EDU]--Vikings get around a lot ;-):

>'The World of the Vikings' Project - a research project led by the National
>Museum of Denmark and The York Archaeological Trust over the past four
>years, in association with over 50 other museums and research institutions
>- is now on the web at URL:
>The objective of the project has been to create the definitive multimedia
>information resource for university, school and library study of the Viking
>world (from Newfoundland to Constantinople and including much of Europe)
>and the Viking age (nearly three centuries of European history from AD800
>to 1100).
>The multimedia project archive (available on CD-ROM) is the first official
>publication of the Council of Europe 'Cultural Routes' programme.
>The Vikings home page will also provide links to other Viking history web
>resources such as the Viking Network (VNET), and other resources as they
>come online. If you require any further information please do not hesitate
>to email us at vikings@jjohnson.demon.co.uk.
>Jeremy Johnson,
>The World of the Vikings Project

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