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Re: Grammars

     Richard adds something incomprehensible to our general teasing of 
Just another poke at that Context Weird Grammar......
W=[S, t, N, p]
 N with {ecki, patang, pitoui}
t with {/\, Henry Best, Primary Source} 
S=> "ecki ecki ecki patang pitoui"
ecki => /\
patang => Henry Best
pitoui => Primary Source
Richard of La Rochelle
Frustrated by other crashing software...... 
but still a propeller head

    To Richard of La Rochelle from Ianthe, greetings.
    I am perplexed by the argument you have entered.  Is this some 
    sort of incantation?  If I were to scribe it here while 
    holding the correct intent in my mind, would Henry suddenly 
    -Ianthe                             kim.salazar@em.doe.gov