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Re: The Clatter of Armour in the Morning

     Leifr Johansson postulates that Duke Frederick had multiple 
     causes for feeling indisposed the morning of Pennsic VI:

>      ... and the strangled gurgle 
>      of (then) Prince Frederick of Holland, who was choking on his 
>      morning coffee by our fire.
>      -Ianthe
Perhaps his Highness was just suffering from the morning results of a 
Pennsic evening of partying, as we all know Royalty is feated at every 
opportunity at the war.
     I reply,
     Pennsic VI long before royal encampments and attendants, formal 
     feastings, scheduled progress among various fetes, or other such 
     Fernando and I camped at the edge of the ridge overlooking the center 
     of the lower main road field.  There were so few of us (around 650 
     total attendance) that most were able to tent in a wide circle around 
     that field.  We left about 80% of the center unoccupied and held open 
     lists and fighting instruction there for the duration of the War 
     ("classes" were taught by Duke Paul of Bellatrix and others of less 
     legendary stature).  
     If Fleig had been out late partying the night before, it had been 
     entirely on his own initiative.  I had arrived late at the War, well 
     past midnight on Friday morning and hadn't seen Don Fernando in a 
     month.  So you will excuse me if I say that I was... unavailable... to 
     chaperone my "son."
Good to see that your Excellency stands for your own, even if it means 
tripping your lord.

     No matter.  We fought a bout over it when the War was over.  He won 
     of course, but made it up to me later. 
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov