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Re: life as a lab rat

Geez, I go away for a couple of days, try to get my life in order, 
even a tiny piece of it, and what happens? Folks are trying
to invent a violent contact sport in which the goal is to pry off 
my hat and stuff limes down my throat for points. It's enough
to make a guy give up hats, I tell ya.
And all because I tried to be friendly to the spirit of Ianthe's 
cosmopolitan name pronunciation.....
Henry the Primary Source who doesn't even _like_ XX beer
     To Henry the Source (who despises XX beer) from Ianthe, greetings.
     I too am horrified by the suggestions recently posted by others.  I know 
     that Chancellors are an endangered species.  Gross interference with their 
     habitat, livelihood, or habits is liable to put them off their feed, and 
     (like ducks) make them take wing for friendlier parts.  
     Linguistic analysis and observation aside, all this talk about 
     replacing Cambok with Henry-Baiting bandies about ideas that are too 
     extreme.  After all, if Henry decides to chuck Chancellor-hood and 
     leave us, who will take his place?  And more importantly - who will we 
     tease instead?
     -Ianthe                                    kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
     (Who has no choice but to like 
     Dos Equis, because Don Fernando in 
     mundane life is the son of a Mexican father.)
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