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Re: University -- which building(s)?

Greetings unto Merry Rose and Evan,

We have reserved rooms in Tucker Hall, Tyler Hall, and Washington
Hall, as well as the Sunken Gardens (aka Sunken Puddle), Campus
Center Little Theater and University Center Chesapeake C. We are most
likely going to direct parking to the lot behind the Campus Center.

Nota Bene: Folks who aren't familiar with William and Mary's Campus,
don't despair if you have no idea what I'm talking about. We will be
providing maps, either with the catalog (Henry? Thomas mentioned to
me that he was going to scan a map and send it to you...) or at the

Nota Bene Part II: There is no elevator in Tucker Hall (sorry, it's a
300 year old College, we're still lacking some basic stuff-- besides,
there's nowhere to *put* an elevator in Tucker). I just thought I
would let the populace know-- let us know if there are problems that
need to be worked out.

Yours in Service,