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Re: Forms of address...

>     At Pennsic VI, Fernando (as King) woke me with a resounding 
>     slap on the rump, and the bellow "UP WENCH!  WE GO TO WAR!"  
>     In gentle response, I tripped him.  He fell into our piled 
>     armor with a resounding crash.  I jumped up and bellowed back 
>     -Ianthe

Dear Lady,

   I want to party with YOU! 

   I know that you can recognise me on sight but that I have no face to place
with your name and your delightful sense of play. Please introduce yourself
when you see me next? Pretty please? 


--------- John Strauss     gc429@cleveland.freenet.edu ---------
University Atlantia #38 is April 8th at Rencester on the William
and Mary Campus. The Catalog is coming out Real Soon Now.
Need bids for UA #39 on July 1st.  - Henry Best, UA Chancellor