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Re: Sidebar

Just as a sidebar,
Don Fernando Y Salazar Y Perez, (boy, I hope I got the name right!) 
who had the unmatched honor of reigning with the incomparable Countess 
Ianthe, was one of the best fighters in all the Society.  One of the
greatest bouts I have ever seen was a Katana fight between Fernando and 
Sigfried.  Truly, a world class fighter.
Richard Fitzgilbert
    To the esteemed Richard Fitzgilbert from Ianthe, greetings.
    Thank you for your kind words of praise.  I value them all the more 
    because of their source.  I'll be sure to pass your rememberences on to 
    Don Fernando.  
    Fernando always had a special regard for Sigfried and his fighting 
    ability. When Sig was knighted at the Pennsic before he won his first 
    Crown, Fernando insisted that his belt be used in the ceremony, giving 
    it to Sigfried to keep.  He didn't replace that belt until four months 
    ago when we attended the Pointless War.
    It is my (not so) secret wish that Fernando fight again, but the 
    intervening years of intense Aikido practice have taken a serious toll 
    on his legs.  With luck and good armor, maybe he'll re-enter the lists, 
    but my lord husband is a true manifestation of Chaotic-Good.  No one 
    can predict his future actions.  Not even me.
    -Ianthe                                 kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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