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Greetings again to the Merry Rose!

Troll/Klaus/Nik (Nik Hughes) writes:

>In common with many other Computer Geeks, I have the ability to fix
>pieces of technology by the miraculous Laying On of Hands. Lately, my
>powers in this area seem to be expanding. Now when someone calls me with
>a problem, I am often able to fix it by Thinking At the PC Through the
>Phone. The magic incantation that accompanies this is "It works for me!"

I have a similar superpower, but it only works with Macintoshes at my
office. (So I am not a TRUE geek.) Someone comes to get me when something
goes wrong, and all I have to do is go and stand next to the machine and it
is fixed. Ta da!!

Thank you, thank you.

I also can finish my family members sentences for them, a truely spooky
thing when it has nothing to do with what we are talking about...AND,
finally the most helpful superpower...POLICE PRECOGNITION. I seem to always
know when a policeman is sitting around the corner, waiting to catch me
speeding. Indeed, several times when I thought I was caught, the kindly
trooper pulled over either the car in front of me or the one behind.

Elayne FitzJames  <----SCA name in development

Victoria, The Royal Queen of Cheese          victoria@fcw.com
and Fnord Duchess of Semprini