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I have been told that I have the following superpowers

1) The ability to instantly be seen in a group of smalls (I'm the one who's 4
feet taller with the beard)

2) The ability to blend in with ease in a group of heavy weapon fighters (I'm
the 6 foot tall one with the beard)

3) Once I don my saffron shirt (The Early Eogan Warning Device tm), I am
possessed with the ability to be seen at the distance of 3 miles away on a
clear day.

4) I have the ability to misspell almost any word without even trying

5) I hold the worl's recornd for the longest time listening to bagpipes and
still retaining my sanity....   he-he-he  they'll never find me!...

"There coming to take me away, he-he, ha-ha, ho-ho..."

>From the loony bin,
Eogan MacLarmann