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Re[2]: Grammars

     Richard of La Rochelle sent a particularly perplexing message 
     concerning syntax, Henry and assorted Eckis.  I responded asking if it 
     was an incantation.  We continue to blather:
CI>    I am perplexed by the argument you have entered.  Is this some 
CI>    sort of incantation?  If I were to scribe it here while
CI>    holding the correct intent in my mind, would Henry suddenly 
CI>    appear?
Richard replied:
RlR>That would depend on whether your decoder was connect the main 
RlR>transport controls or one of the transporter rooms.  Of course you 
RlR>could be buggy, or if you made a mistake in writing it, you could get:
RlR>  "Syntax error at line 1"
RlR>I hope you don't have a decoder, cuz that would mean you're part cyborg, 

RlR> which could lead to interesting accusations or allegations.
     RlR>Richard of La Rochelle
     RlR>cryptic twit.
     To Richard of La Rochelle, from Ianthe, greetings.
     I most certainly do have a decoder.  How else would I unencrypt the 
     messages and reports sent to me by my agents provocateurs, spies, and 
     other minions in the field?  
     I've tried your spell of Henry Summoning.  I must not have lit the 
     correct candles, faced in the right direction, or had improper 
     diction, because try as I may, Henry did not appear.  Perhaps I need 
     to reverse the polarity on my incense brazier.  Either that or replace 
     the field dampening coils.
     If it doesn't work tonight I'll stick to embroidery and leave greater 
     incantations to those better suited to it.  Too bad.  I could have 
     really used a babysitter this weekend past.  Even one summoned by 
     questionable magics.
     Ianthe                                     kim.salazar@em.doe.gov
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